Sunday, March 03, 2013

Chisholm the Stonewaller

When Chisholm first became the DA for Milwaukee County, there were optimistic rumbles that he might not be a handmaiden to the local Sovietskyy Commissariat.


...Individuals testifying before a John Doe are bound to silence by court order.  They have their lives and reputations trashed by leaks out of the DA’s office and have no way to defend themselves or explain their role in the investigation without breaking the court order.   It is a process that is hopelessly one-sided, and needs to be reformed.   Interestingly, even as he ends it, John Chisholm has locked in this uneven playing field by placing a gag order on all John Doe documents and participants as a condition of his decision to end the probe.   Why?   What is he hiding?...

Helluva good question, Charlie.

And since ALL the State's taxpayers funded this smear-campaign-disguised-as-Legal-Inquiry, we'd ALL like to know.

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Anonymous said...

"Wrong" link is broken.

Regardless, the investigation was all in the name of Joe McCarthy, Dad29.