Thursday, March 14, 2013

What DiFi "Needs"

Senator Cruz was very polite in attempting to help Sen. DiFi from making a damn fool of herself.

But she persisted.  DiFi became a damn fool.

What DiFi really needs is a good old-fashioned Joe Biden-delivered whack in the puss.  Nothing that she'd have to pull out her shotgun and blow both rounds over, mind you.

Just a not-harmful whack across the puss.


Anonymous said...

No, Cruz was and is a DICK. You'd think that a person, even a Texan, who was educated at Harvard Law School would know that even the rights guaranteed by the First and Fourth Amendments are not without limitation. So it is for the Second.

Anonymous said...

Advocating hitting a woman, regardless of her actions, is anti-Christian. 4 hail mary's and a ten-spot in the till on Sunday should do the trick.