Saturday, March 23, 2013

Sensenbrenner's FooFooDust Spray

Yadayadayada, Jimbo.

 On Friday, the FAA announced 149 U.S. airports would close their air traffic control towers run by contractors as a result of sequestration cuts.

In response, Rep. Jim Sensenbrenner (R-WI-05) expressed concern at the news that all 8 of the air traffic control towers located in Wisconsin would close as a result of the FAA’s decision.
Meantime, "Conservative Jim" Sensenbrenner voted to CONTINUE FUNDING OBOZOCARE.
Blowhard toady.


Saint Revolution said...

Here's a thought, you fraudulent fat piece of garbage.

How about you and your almost 500 completely out-of-touch congressional robbersweathogs "sequest" your $174,000/year thieving salaries?!

Slash your criminal benefits and perks.

Cut your over-bloated unnecessary staff.

Stop the world vacation junkets disguised as government business.

Stop throwing nightly taxpayer-paid parties under the guise of government business.

Try working a 40 hour work week.

Drive yourself to work and stop the limos.

In other words, stop stealing from the taxpayers, you criminal.

How about that, you over-bloated pigsty hypocritical hog thief.

Gimme my money back, you out of touch Herodian love child.

Cocksucking Benedict Arnolds...every shittin' one of 'em.

Anonymous said...

Again, Timmy, do something about it or STFU.

DeShawnte said...
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Anonymous said...

Except you're a short Jewish white guy...