Saturday, March 09, 2013

McCarthy v. Paul: What Andy Misses

Andy McCarthy makes some good points vis-a-vis the Rand Paul filibuster.

But what Andy misses (as do most others) is that Paul's point was not necessarily 'who is an enemy combatant and what can we do with them,' but rather, 'what limits must a President observe in executing his office.'  Or more clearly:  'what limits must be imposed upon an imperially-inclined Executive.'

IOW, Paul was creating a metaphor.  It had nothing, really, to do with the confirmation of the CIA Director, either.  But it had everything to do with EPA, the Department of "Education," and the TSA.

Here's Paul's post-action summary:

...I hope my efforts help spur a national debate about the limits of executive power and the scope of every American’s natural right to be free. “Due process” is not just a phrase that can be ignored at the whim of the president; it is a right that belongs to every citizen in this great nation.

I think Andy McCarthy would agree.

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