Friday, September 23, 2011

A Very Good Question

Grim takes note of an incisive quip on the debates from VodkaPundit:

In the war of ideas, it was all Newt Gingrich, Gary Johnson, Herman Cain and Ron Paul. In the battle of personalities, it was Mitt versus Rick.

The news networks will remember the battle, not the war.

...and then asks a very good question:

....Rep. Bachmann [...] seemed to understand the importance of sliding the power out of the Federal government, and letting it fall to the states or back to the People. That is the one big idea that we need to advance. Who shall carry it? 

Certainly not Romney.  The others, to one degree or the other, yes--but none to a satisfactory degree at all.


Jim said...

Didn't Perry want to have Social Security run by the states. And education?

And Bachmann says that Americans should keep every penny they earn. How's that going to work?

Billiam said...

Jim, she then said something to the effect that taxes were necessary.

Dad29 said...

Jim's all excited b/c I don't run the Lefty Spin like the MSM.

Jim said...

No she didn't, Billiam. Saying that people should be taxed would have killed the little chance she still has. She said, "Obviously we have to get money back to the government so we can run the government."

Maybe we ask our communities and churches to help. Voluntarily, of course.

Dad29 said...

Reads like 'taxes' to me, Jim.


Jim said...

Could be tariffs. :-) Heck, could be donations.