Wednesday, September 21, 2011

So: NYT and MSM, or Actual Real People?

A friend notes that the NYT (and all the other usual suspects) yammer that "I.T. unemployment hovers in the 5% range"--which is low, indeed!

But Dice, a jobs-board for I.T. professionals, ran its own survey, and finds that I.T. unemployment at 29%.

Even if you cut the Dice number in half, it's 14.5%.

There's a reason for that, of course.  It's the season to renew/extend/modify US immigration laws, and if Congress can be persuaded that the Usual Corporate Suspects (and contributors) can't find "qualified" help in the US, then Congress will substantially increase the number of imported IT folks.

Who, by NO co-incidence, will work for nothing, live 25-to-a-flat, and never really learn to speak English.  And none of them will be over the age of 40.


J. Strupp said...


Of course, "Can't find qualified help" is simply code for, "Don't want to pay for qualified help".

neomom said...

Heh. The evil HQ gods are forcing us to dump our Indian IT folk for Chinese ones now. Guess having some folks that we finally got trained, mostly speak the same language and won't steal IP just didn't factor into the Biz equation.

Dad29 said...

The PRChinese cannot possibly be cheaper. Whassup wi' dat?

neomom said...

Lots of us scratching our heads over that one. And we ain't happy about the HQ gods obsession with the PRC. One thing is for sure, a certain jobs czar ain't gonna be creating jobs in the US. Not a popular position amongst the rank and file who are bailing at a surprising rate even in a crap economy.