Thursday, September 22, 2011

Boehner Loses on CR UPDATED! WI (R) Delegation on Wrong SIde

Here's the news that AP doesn't report.

The Republican leadership tried to pass a continuing resolution through the House of Representatives on Wednesday afternoon that would have permitted funding for Obamacare implementation, Planned Parenthood, the United Nations Population Fund, and the Palestinian Authority to continue in the new federal fiscal year that begins on Oct. 1. 

The bill was defeated 195 to 230 when 48 House conservatives joined with 182 House Democrats in voting against it.

The (D) Party objected on different grounds:  the CR would have removed $1.5Bn from pixie-dust-and-unicorn "green cars" funding in order to fully fund disaster-relief requests.  IOW, Pelosi's bunch doesn't really care about citizens in need so much as they care about the Green Goddess myth.

Actual Conservatives also objected to the total dollar spend of the CR, which was $24Bn above what Ryan's budget committee had recommended.

Reality is calling, Mr. Speaker.  Please answer the phone.

UPDATE:  Ryan and Sensenbrenner voted to PASS the CR.   So did Ribble and Duffy.

Sheeple in (R) disguise.

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