Thursday, September 29, 2011

Dept of Education's Big Dollar Spend

For the first 200 years of the US' existence, there was no Federal Department of Education.  US citizens perfected the automobile, developed and manufactured almost every single household appliance in use, put into place the single best power and telephony networks on the face of the Earth, sent men to the Moon, developed and sold pharmaceutical and medical-devices which have extended lifetimes and quality-of-life, and (just for fun) have the world's most technologically-advanced military.

Then came America's second-worst President, Jimmuh, who owed the teachers' union a favor.

Now:  $69Bn/year, no educational 'gains' whatsoever.

We can save $69Bn/year--which can be put to a bunch of better uses.

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Badger Catholic said...

For a group that does no actual teaching...