Sunday, September 25, 2011

Phoenix to Obey the Law. What of Milwaukee?

Noted by Fr. Z:

...Since the 11th century, the Latin Rite Catholic Church distributed Holy Communion to the faithful under the form of bread. At the end of the Second Vatican Council, the Fathers of the Council directed the Sacred Congregation on Divine Worship to provide for occasions where the practice of distribution and reception of Holy Communion under both kinds to the laity could be restored. In the Roman Missal (1975), 14 instances were provided when the chalice could be offered to the Laity.

From 1975 on, the United States, United Kingdom and Oceania were given experimental privileges for the distribution of Holy Communion under both kinds. These privileges expired in 2005 and were not renewed by the Holy See. The new norms issued in June 2011 are what guide the liturgical practice today and in the future.

Reception under both forms is allowed: the Chrism Mass and feast of Corpus Christi. Additionally, it may be offered to a Catholic couple at their wedding Mass, to first communicants and their family members, confirmation candidates and their sponsors, as well as deacons, non-concelebrating priests, servers and seminarians at any Mass, as well as community members at a conventual Mass or those on a retreat or at a spiritual gathering. In addition, a priest may select other important solemnities in which it may be offered, e.g., parish patronal feast days or the celebration of the dedication of the church building, provided the conditions are met.

In this Archdiocese, the 2005 expiration was not taken seriously, but since there's a new translation coming into effect in Advent, it would seem that 1 Advent would be a good time to begin obeying Church law on this issue, as well.

Right, Abp. Listecki?


GOR said...

Don’t hold your breath, Dad!

You see if we had Communion only under one kind we wouldn’t need the hordes of EMHCs cluttering up the Sanctuary. And Father might have to spend five minutes longer distributing. And what would the out-of-work EMHCs do…? And then the Mass wouldn’t be ‘inclusive’... And what would happen to ‘active participation’…? And…and…’Justice and Peace’ probably comes into it somewhere also.

Dad29 said...

Someone observed that the flock of "helpers" actually lengthened the e.t. of communion, rather than shortened it, taking into account the entirety of their "help"--from charging the altar through carefully stowing the dozens of ciboria/chalices, etc.

Not to mention the smashing of the symbolic 'feeding' of pastor-to-flock.

We've managed to impose both Democracy and Bureaucracy onto the Mass; afflictions at least equal to half the nails of the Cross.

Oh, well.