Tuesday, September 27, 2011

The Uber-State Gears Up

And away we go!!

The Environmental Protection Agency has said new greenhouse gas regulations, as proposed, may be “absurd” in application and “impossible to administer” by its self-imposed 2016 deadline. But the agency is still asking for taxpayers to shoulder the burden of up to 230,000 new bureaucrats — at a cost of $21 billion — to attempt to implement the rules.  --HotAir quoting Caller

Don't forget this:

The IRS has made a recent push to increase the number of individuals working for the tax agency as part of the new health care law. In order to enforce the regulation, the President has allocated more money to the tax agency’s budget to hire more tax professionals to collect the information necessary to enforce the law. It is estimated that approximately 15,000 individuals will need to be hired by the IRS to ensure that the required information has been gathered.

If you're looking for a job, remember this:  for Gummint jobs, it is NEVER a question of 'what you know.'  It is always a question of 'who you know.'  So dust off your IRS/EPA contacts box!!

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