Thursday, September 29, 2011

Jarrett: Gummint To 'Give People Livelihood'

Ms. Jarrett has a controversial history, to say the least.

In the video here, she asserts that the purpose of Gummint is to 'give people a livelihood.'

In the Pre-Cambrian Era civics classes I took, that wasn't mentioned as a 'purpose' for Gummint.


steveegg said...

If there was any doubt Jarrett is a Marxist, it ought to have evaporated.

Jim said...

"she asserts that the purpose of Gummint is to 'give people a livelihood."

I just watched it three times and nowhere in the clip does she assert that.

Anonymous said...

11 seconds into the video "we have to give people a livelihood".


Anonymous said...

Which could mean a lot of things, David!

Anonymous said...

Read for comprehension truther. Now go put your tinfoil hat back on.


Jim said...

Anon 11:41 Yes it could including meaning that we have to give people the means to a livelihood.


Yes I saw the 11 seconds part several times. It could mean a lot of things. But it doesn't say that "the purpose of Gummint is to 'give people a livelihood." She simply does not say that.

Dad29 said...

None so blind as they who will not see, Jim.

For whom do you think she was speaking? Herself, the queen of slumlords in Chicago?

For the US Army?

Nope. She speaks for Obozo.

Jim said...

Doesn't matter for whom she speaks. She didn't say that the government's purpose is to provide a livelihood.