Monday, September 19, 2011

"Reported" Crimes Not a Good Indicator

You can read the story.  (Downtown Minneapolis should not be on your itinerary if you're there late nights.)

Toward the end of the story we get this:

Actually, violent crimes in downtown Minneapolis logged by police through Monday of this past week are down 15 percent from the same period last year. 

There were 406 reported incidents through Sept. 12, 2010, and 346 this year. 
But downtown has had its share of nighttime drama this spring and summer.

On Memorial Day, as bars closed, three men were shot. City officials also moved to strip the Karma nightclub of its liquor license after logging 165 police calls to the club since last year, as well as assaults against police officers and robberies in or around the club. Two Saturdays ago, scores of police in riot gear quelled a "mini-riot" that broke out during a party of 1,000 teenagers next to the Hyatt Regency. And on Monday, two men were stabbed, one fatally, inside a downtown Minneapolis parking ramp.

Fun with statistics........

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James Pawlak said...

One of the major "con jobs", in this area, is to "log" only one of the potential-several at any incident reported by citizens---And, not always the most serious of such.
It is only because of the huge increase in the skills and technology of paramedics and trauma room staff that many crimes end up as being reported as less serious than homicides.
There is much more than raw data involved!