Thursday, September 22, 2011

News? Nope. Propaganda, Yes!

The MSM does what the MSM does.  Hate-on-Walker.

Nearly one-in-five of the jobs listed on a state website touted by Gov. Scott Walker as a resource for unemployed Wisconsin residents are actually located in neighboring states, according to an analysis by The Associated Press

There are a lot of Wisconsin residents who actually live VERY near other States, such as Illinois, Minnesota, Iowa, and the UP of Michigan.  Many of those Wisconsin residents will drive 20, 30, or 40 miles for a job.

This is a problem.....why?

Because the Left-MSM complex hates Walker. 


Billiam said...

We have a number of drivers who live in Illinois and drive to Tosa to work. One of the dispatchers lives in Lake Mills and drives in every day. What's the problem? To difficult?

Anonymous said...

Try driving from Wausau to St. Paul every day. Scooter jobs plan = failure.