Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Perry Confuses Presidency With "Christianity"

Governor Perry is in the lead--for the time being--but that doesn't prevent him from making utterly stupid remarks.

At one point, a reporter asked Perry how he views the Israeli-Palestinian conflict through the lens of his Christian faith. Perry replied by saying that as a “Christian,” he has a “clear directive to support Israel”:
PERRY: As a Christian I have a clear directive to support Israel, from my perspective its pretty easy both as an American and a Christian. I am going to stand with Israel.

--ZIppers quoting ThinkProgress

The President should be concerned ONLY with "the national interest."  If defending Israel is in the national interest, fine.  But to state that Christianity posits 'a clear directive to support Israel'-- is both stupid and ill-informed.  (Unless Perry can come up with some sort of Christian doctrinal statement to that effect---and he won't.)


J. Strupp said...


At least he's telling the truth.

Anonymous said...

I don't recall any scripture where Christ extolled his followers to support Israel. The sooner Perry returns to his homeland, the better.

Jim said...

Quoting Think Progress? I'm impressed.

Tim Morrissey said...

This feeble attempt by Perry to polish his non-existent "foreign policy" cred is just part of the dog-and-pony show that will implode soon enough. Meantime, relax, sit back, enjoy the circus.

neomom said...

No Governor really has foreign policy cred.

I'd still take Perry over Obummer hands down.