Monday, September 19, 2011

Shall We Contrast Perry w/ Tommy Thompson?

A few minutes ago, Tommy Thompson spent some quality time with Charlie Sykes, and made a BIG point of how, during his Administration, a lot of jobs sprung up in Wisconsin.

That was good, as far as it goes.

Today we learn something about Texas' jobs:

...the Texas unemployment rate reached 8.5 percent in August up from 8.4 percent in July, threatening to dent the 'Texas miracle' surrounding Rick Perry's candidacy for President.
But where are these job losses coming from? A closer look shows that the Texas gained 8,100 private-sector jobs in August, but reported a net loss of 9,400 government jobs.

For the year, Texas has added 272,000 jobs in the private sector but lost 19,000 government jobs.

OK, class.  Does anyone remember Tommy Thompson's Gummint-Job Creating Record?

Yup.  Unlike Gov. Perry, Tommy added Gummint jobs.  A LOT of Gummint jobs.  Something like a fifty-percent increase in Gummint jobs.

Just thought we'd mention that.


J. Strupp said...

I guess I'm trying figure out why this guy thinks he's such a great job creator with an 8.5% unemployment rate in Texas.

It's alright, relatively speaking, but still pretty pedestrian considering his state is lucky enough to be sitting on a pile of oil and gas.

James Pawlak said...

If there is any lesson to be learned from the last General Election, it is that the People (Especially Republicans) do not want "more of the same" (RINOs).

I have met and observed "Tommy". His outstanding characteristic is ARROGANCE.

neomom said...

Our rate is 10.4% in NC and some counties have upwards of 25%.

I'd happily take 8.4%.

Oh - and we appear to have a boatload of nat gas, but our D gov won't allow exploration.

Anonymous said...

Sorry neomom, but Perry's jobs are not the "right" jobs so they don't count for the liberals.

They prefer you stand in the soup kitchen lines to having a job that is less than union wages.


Tim Morrissey said...

With all those new jobs Tommy T created, he HAD to create more gummint jobs to regulate the workers in the new jobs, and then he had to create more administrative support jobs to allow the newly-created regulator jobs to be efficient. See? Explained.

J. Strupp said...

Good one David! You're right, all liberals hate private sector, non-union jobs and LOVE soup kitchens. Thank you for clarifying the point I was trying to make earlier.

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