Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Did Sen "Leaky" Leahy Zip Lip on Fast & Furious?

Looks like Leaky Leahy is a one-way leaker.

...Although the recordings have been turned over to congressional investigators and the Inspector General, excerpts that were released to the public make it sound like the gun dealer was extremely concerned that news of Fast and Furious was going to reach a House member or senator who would take action on it.

HOWARD [the gun dealer]:  "[Dodson’s] more toxic than you realize.  I can tell you because I asked him, 'How much of this f-----g file did you release?' ”

McALLISTER [the BATFE slimebucket]:  "Mmm hmm."

HOWARD:  "He said basically the underlying case file.  I said, 'Okay, who’d you release it to?  F-----g [Sen.] Patrick Leahy!'  Okay?  Wasn’t just [Sen. Chuck] Grassley, it was Leahy, alright?  Leahy, as we both know, has adjourned this inquiry right now, okay, with no plans to reconvene itSo your people were successful to that end."

Nice to know that Obozo can rely on Leahy to shut up when this country is supplying arms to the Sinaloa cartel.

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