Tuesday, September 27, 2011

The Christie Gang

Interesting list here, provided by the NYTimes:

Meet the Draft Christie committee, a small but influential group of Republican-leaning donors and activists, many based in New York, united by a shared desire to see Gov. Chris Christie of New Jersey run for president. 

There is Kenneth G. Langone, the billionaire Home Depot founder who is perhaps Mr. Christie’s most fervent booster; Paul E. Singer, the publicity-shy hedge fund magnate and Republican activist who is among the most-sought-after Republican donors in the country; and David H. Koch, the industrialist, Tea Party benefactor and, according to Forbes, the richest man in New York. 

Charles R. Schwab, the personal investment guru, is also among those who have shown interest in seeing a Christie presidential bid, according to published reports and people familiar with the discussions, as is the financier Stanley F. Druckenmiller. So are the hedge fund managers David Tepper and Daniel S. Loeb, a onetime supporter of President Obama. [!!!!!

None of that persuades me that a Rockefeller Pubbie is the solution.  None.

HT:  PowerLine

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Jeremy in Neenah said...

Not sure what a "Rockefeller Pubbie" is, but I agree that the list of big money people listed there turns me off of Christie in a big way. I find him entertaining and a bit of breath of fresh air and would be interested in learning more about his views on things in a presidential run, BUT, if these people are the buying it for him and buying him into it...thanks, but no thanks.