Sunday, September 25, 2011

Mitch Daniels Boosting Perry (?)

Daniels has a point here.

After an interviewer suggested that Perry 'isn't ready for prime-time', Daniels said that, in effect, Perry's a newbie; give him a little slack.

But then Daniels went a little further.

Daniels then acknowledged his disappointment in the Republican field for not talking about "the things that have a lot of zeros attached to them, the ones that are threatening to kill not just an economy but the entire idea of America." With that in mind, he warned Republican voters and candidates not to "play it safe" in the election against President Obama. Daniels said that to "get elected as the default option, you know, he made it worse, I'm not him, vote for me" would be "a huge missed opportunity because there's a clock ticking," adding later, "because it is a mathematical fact that we are headed for debt levels we cannot sustain."  


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Anonymous said...

"Daniels said that, in effect, Perry's a newbie; give him a little slack."

The SAME slack the GOP field routinely gives to their Democratic counterparts regarding his/her "inexperience in running a campaign"? Sorry, not buying it. Absolutely laughable.

Huckabee is right...Perry (and most of the politicians running for President, right or left) is ill-prepared.