Thursday, September 22, 2011

Tribes Oppose Wisconsin Mines? Close the Casinos!

Seems that the Green Goddess has sprinkled blinder-dust on the tribes.

Leaders of a Wisconsin Indian tribe who live closest to a proposed iron ore mine near Hurley said Wednesday that they opposed the mine because of the potential environmental effects the project could have on tribal lands

...The tribe said it believes an open-pit mine upstream from tribal lands could not be built without harming the surrounding environment.

"The Bad River watershed is one of those places that should not be mined. It's that simple," Michael Wiggins Jr., the tribal chairman, said at a Capitol news conference. "We will not stand for an open-pit mine in the Bad River watershed."

Said Frank Connors, a member of the tribal council:

"This is our land. This is where we live. We can't just pack up and move."

The meeting with representatives of the Bad River and Lac Courte Oreilles tribes lasted about an hour and half

I think that there are a lot of casinos polluting the environment in Wisconsin.  Close them up.


TerryN said...

I always thought the casinos were here for our schools. Or was that the lottery?

Anonymous said...

The State Constitution needs to be amended to remove the gambling prohibition.

Right now casinos are here and operating so it is not serving it's purpose.

Let's see the Patowatomi compete with something like the Venetian and see who comes out on top. That and we can then set a special tax rate on gambling transactions.