Friday, July 29, 2011

Well, Speaker Boehner, You Own It Now

Sensenbrenner, Ryan, Ribble, Duffy, and whats-his-name all voted for the Boehner plan.

It was killed in the Senate about 5 minutes after it arrived.

So, for our radio-friend who owns AM talk: what difference would it have made if Boehner had sent a REAL deficit-reduction plan? This makes the Pubbies "not stupid"?

Let me help you here: Reid would have killed ANY House offering. Unless it was written by Obozo himself, but we couldn't wait that long.


...We knew the debt ceiling was approaching a long time ago. Tea Party conservatives have been open, honest, highly visible, and principled participants in the national debate for years, but now they’re being told to shut up because they’re distracting the geniuses who gave us a $14 trillion national debt from coping with a last-minute ticking-clock crisis.

Now Reid will make his deposit and send the dirty diaper back to the House.

It'll be yours to open and clean, Speaker Boehner. Be sure to have the above-named gents help you out.

The DC "Mind": "We'll fix a $14Tn debt by making it $19Tn. WE sure as Hell aren't going to pay the bill!"

HT: Cold Fury


Anonymous said...

And to think the Heritage Foundation said trillions in handouts for job creators would eliminate the national debt by 2011. Too bad the job creators used the money to party instead of priming the economy.

neomom said...

And too bad the residents of Washington DC spent $1.40 on every penny of tax revenue brought in.

We have tinkered with taxes for decades. I think we have figured out that it doesn't do squat.

It's the spending stupid.