Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Immelt Moves X-Ray to China for "Better Workers"?

Oh, please, Jeff. Be serious.

A good portion of unemployment in the United States is being caused by workers themselves, according to President Obama's Jobs and Competitiveness Council headed by General Electric CEO Jeffrey Immelt. The problem is not so much the shortage of jobs, but a shortage of trained workers, engineers and skilled foreign immigrants who could fill the few jobs that might exist, Jobs Council members told President Obama on June 13.

Their solution is really, really, really going to have an impact:

This is especially true in the manufacturing sector, which has lost 5 million jobs over the past decade. The Jobs and Competitiveness Council's remedy for this problem: increase training in CNC machining and advanced production. The Council's plan would generate a grand total of 2,000 jobs in the first year. It is estimated that the country needs to generate 21 million jobs to get to full employment.

....leaving only 21,998,000 without a job, or something.

GE's Immelt recently announced that he was moving the X-Ray division to PRChina. Obviously, PRChina's workforce is trained and skilled in CNC machining and advanced production.

Or not. Reputable people have stated that most PRChina 'degrees' are even more worthless than are US 'degrees.'

Only 30 years ago, it was commonplace for manufacturing concerns to train their OWN workforce in the technology of CNC and 'advanced manufacturing.' Of course, that cost money--so now GE (et al) expect the public screwels and tech-schools to do the work--at public expense, of course--and they'll be happy to hire people.

Or something.


ronstaiger said...

It's pretty obvious that Immelt's decision to move the X-Ray Division to China is a political one. Moving jobs from Wisconsin to China to punish the Republican Party is criminal. Moving GE jobs to China while at the same time serving the Obama Administration as an advisor on jobs is a conflict of interest by anyone's definition. It's about time this country rid itself of all Socialist and Marxist influence in the government beginning with the White House!

schmenz said...

Mr Immeldt is moving jobs to China because the average Chinese worker makes $1.38/hour.

The man should be horse-whipped, not for taking jobs away from his fellow countrymen, but for insulting our intelligence with such stupid remarks.