Friday, July 22, 2011

Stories for Your Children's Bedtime!

New feature here, which depends entirely on continuing production from Planet Moron.

It has been a rite of passage for generations now. As the heat of summer presses in, young children across the country excitedly set up tables and chairs, mix up large batches of ice cold lemonade, set out cups, and create hand-scrawled signs announcing they are open for business. Then they wait with giddy anticipation for that first person to walk up and say the words they’d been waiting to hear:

“I’ll need to see your permit or I’m shutting you down.”

These are the memories children will cherish forever. Christmas mornings, that first day of school, and being run out of business by the government for lacking the proper papers.

Aesop just didn't get Totalitarianism. Our grandchildren will LIVE in it.

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