Friday, July 29, 2011

A Bang-Slam GREAT PowerLine Entry

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Display Name said...

And how much of that is for the wars?

Beer, Bicycles and the VRWC said...

Who gives a shit, Foust. It's a shitload less than what went out as "stimulus" that made exactly zero f-ing jobs. At least "Common Defense" is Constitutional.

Quit the bullshit. You know your guy and the Democrats in Congress are the villans here, not "tax cuts for the rich", not "unpaid for wars". Yeah, you can talk bullshit about "Bush and the Republicans spent...." but that's all it is. Bullshit. How does that justify the trillions in spending to produce a big fat f-ing zero by this administration? How does that, in any way, shape or form mean that we should not reduce spending to get this economy back under control.

You are entirely too smart to not recognize all of this. That is the only possible explanation for your got nothing else.

Display Name said...

I do recognize the pork component of Bush's and Obama's recovery actions. You see only Obama's?

I recognize the immense cost in dollars, lives, and future foreign policy due to the wars. That can't be reasonably dismissed as "bullshit" by any honest person, can it?

If you want to have a sensible conversation about this, I suppose we'll need to examine how much was spent overseas and not here. We'll need to discuss the relative proportions in the last decade's spending: what stayed here, what went down an overseas rat-hole?

Who benefits from each?

Beer, Bicycles and the VRWC said...

No, I was against Bush's pork as well (note that during those times, he had a Democrat-controlled Congress). Obama's pork dwarfs it and as I stated earlier, just because "Bush did" that doesn't mean "Obama should". Especially when there have been no measurable results. The ideas that "we avoided a depression" and "jobs (were) created or saved" is absurd. Unprovable. There is no way to even provide real evidence.

We disagree on the necessity of Iraq and A-Stan, but they were "legal" (as opposed to "Constitutional") wars in that Congress gave their blessing (before the Democrats decided they were against it - dang, those rising Bush poll numbers). What about Obama's continuance of those wars and starting (or involvement in) 3 more - Proxy wars in Paki, Yemen and a real one in Libya (speaking of quagmires) - all illegal in that he did not follow the War Powers Act. Where are the protests from the Left? Where are the calls for impeachment from the Left? Where is the "No Blood for Oil"?

I', not wild about spending money overseas, but I assure you what went down the domestic rathole far exceeds what was used to fight in Iraq and A-Stan. Now when you get to the whole "nation building" thing, that's where money goes down an overseas rathole. A-Stan will be in the stone age for our lifetimes and that of our progeny.

We are not as far apart on most of this as you think.

Display Name said...

If wouldn't take much to find lefties who are still opposed to the war and who are just as mad at Obama for not keeping his word. Why do you think they don't exist?

Beer, Bicycles and the VRWC said...

Really? How come they aren't dogging the President at every turn like they did with Bush.

Display Name said...

Who's "they"? Do you mean "why isn't the media covering this"? I don't watch Fox. Has Fox News been seeking out anti-Obama leftist demonstrations for their shows?

Beer, Bicycles and the VRWC said...'s so funny when you claim you don't understand. You know exactly WTF I'm talking about. Where are the anti-war demonstrators? They dogged Bush at every turn because "War is bad for children and other living things". "GITMO". "Illegal". "Torture at GITMO". "Horrible conditions". "Evil".

Where are the demonstrators, John? Where's the "No Blood For Oil"? Or were they just hypocritical shills for the Left? War is war, right? If it's bad it's bad. Right? I said, RIGHT? Come on, John. You know the words: "Hey, hey, Ho, ho, Obama has got to go! Ho, ho, Hey, Hey, how many kids did you kill today?" Come on, buddy. You know "Shame! Shame!"

Speaking of which,let's shift gears on the hypocrisy of the Left. Abele is using many of the same strategies to handle Milwaukee County's abysmal fiscal problems that Walker did and does. Where are the screams for "Recall!" No name calling? Not even "SHAME! SHAME!" As I recall, Abele doesn't have a college degree, does he? College dropout as I recall. Where is the Left on this? Is he just automatically smart because he's a Leftist?

Want more? I'm loaded with it. And answer me first before starting with,"Well, Republicans are hypocrites, too". I hear plenty of the bullshit as well. GOP has nothing on the hypocrisy of Democrats and the Left. Explain yourself and you side. Hypocrites all.

Anonymous said...

"No, I was against Bush's pork as well (note that during those times, he had a Democrat-controlled Congress)."

You lie. GOP controlled Congress 2001-07. Democrats controlled Congress '07-'09. No wonder Dickman's got this bassackwards - he's totally ignorant of recent history!

Beer, Bicycles and the VRWC said...

Include McCain, Snowe, Collins in with the Democrats (they routinely vote that way) and the Senate has been controlled by Progs for a very long time.

Feel free to get all excited and call me a liar and call me names. You have no ability to form a cogent argument in favor of Obama and the Democrats increasing the deficit and debt and saddling my grandkids with debt they can never repay. You have no ability to recognize the hypocrisy in the Left when they have failed to pass a budget during the times they overwhelmingly held the House and Senate. You have no ability to form a logical thought and explain why Obama's continuance of wars in Iraq and A-Stan, starting a new war in Libya and proxy wars in Paki and Yemen are not hypocritical. Where is YOUR "No blood for oil!"? Where is YOUR condemnation of the continued operation of GITMO?

You are a hypocrite and calling someone a liar over an error is nothing more than diverting attention from your own inability to come to grips with the fact that Obama and the Democrats have f-d this country up worse than Bush ever thought of.

I'm certain there is a shrink somewhere who has an empty couch, a pill and a career to make off you.

Anonymous said...

Your grandkids got saddled long ago. It's a cute talking point, but your boyzz ran up the tab that's now come due. So your plan is to run away and squawk about your new found religion of budget responsibility? Puhleez. If it weren't for tax cuts and wars we wouldn't have this problem, but I suspect you supported both of those initiatives at the time.