Sunday, July 24, 2011

The Norway Killer's Facebook Page-Alteration

Well, ain't THAT curious?

The Norwegian wacko-killer's Facebook page was altered.

The new edition (in English, no less!!) adds "Christian" and "Conservative".

And that new edition was created after the killing-spree.

HT: Caveman


Beer, Bicycles and the VRWC said...

Interesting....but not surprising.

Amy said...

A few things:

1) Even if he *is* a member of the Christian Conservative party, it's an entirely different ball-o-wax than Christian conservatives in the US. It's still social-democrat, left-of-center European politics.

2) All this will out in the coming weeks, just like Jared Loughner turned out not to be right-wing nutjob, he'll not be as right-wing as the left hopes he is.

3) Number of terror attacks by Muslims, and number of socialists/Communist/Nazi political killings/genocides (and the death toll therefrom) still greatly outnumbers any other group on the planet.

Display Name said...

Gee, Dad29, I guess anonymity on the Internet is a two-edged sword, hmm? At night a guy could run a right-wing blog that advocates stockpiling ammunition, then play mild-mannered business consultant by day and disavow all knowledge of his other side, right? Maybe the evil conspiracy forces who wanted to pin the blame on the right-wing have been working for years to simulate this fellow's actions on anti-Islam, pro-Christian web sites. Maybe they planted all that stuff before the crime just to throw us off. "Kjøpe mer ammunisjon", right Dad29?

Anonymous said...

And for you, John:

Jeg gav eders sønn humant immunsviktvirus.

Anonymous said...

Looks like anony 12:57 p.m. has been quaffing the ceremonial wine...again!

Dad29--Pamela Gellar...a credible source? Seriously? She's for the tin-foil hat crowd.

A sample--Supreme Court Justice Elena Kagan supports Nazi ideology...Muslims have sex with goats...Obama's mother was involved in pornography...Obama was involved with a crack whore in his formative years.

Journalism at its finest! /sarcasm

WHO FREAKING CARES IF HE WAS A RIGHTY OR LEFTY! The Norwegian was a murderer, that should be the label used, not if he was a conservative or liberal. Case closed!

Trying to score political points in the wake of this tragedy is morbid!

Saint Revolution said...

...and, especially for you, AnonyMouse 7/25/2011 12:57 PM:

...føkk deg.

Display Name said...

Come now, Saint... that Anony is a conservative, just like you!

Anonymous said...

How do you know the anony is a conservative, John? Given your track record of pissing everyone off in the Cheddarsphere, are you absolutely certain? Or are you making up your own conclusions, a la Mickey O'Leary?

Display Name said...

Ask him. Ask him why he thinks it is important to claim he gave my son AIDS.

Pissing off everyone? You mean except the ones who cheer for me.