Thursday, July 28, 2011

The DC Mind, Part 66,408

Ah, yes. The Gummint NEEDS MO' MONEY, according to BillyBoy Kristol, John Boehner, Allen West, Paul Ryan, and Loser McCain!

Meantime, Fox6 reports on Porkulus spending.

Nearly $200 million in stimulus money has been funneled into academic research projects at the University of Wisconsin. Like a $584,000 grant to analyze cloud formations in Antarctica, $900,000 to study woody vines in Panama, $1.3 million to research cosmic rays in outer space and $2 million to create a video game designed to teach UW faculty members about workforce diversity.

These are the needs which the DC Mind (it's sorta like The Blob) insists we MUST spend on.

We have needs, too! Mostly for pitchforks and hot tar.

But wait! There's MORE!!!

Like a $46,000 grant to the Ho Chunk nation to pay for babysitters during a two-day family wellness retreat last summer. When there was money left over after the retreat, the tribe came up with an addition project to completely spend the money. They bought iPads and laptops for everyone who helped take care of the children

The DC Mind at work.


Anonymous said...

Please don't post this stuff. It sends my blood pressure through the roof.

Dad29 said...

It's also damn tough to quit smoking if you read newspapers about the MoronBrigade in DC, ain'a?

Anonymous said...

Could you break down the numbers as to how the "job creators" spent the trillions the gummint handed them over the last ten years? We know it wasn't used to create jobs, so it must have gone to moonbatcrazyshit much like the stimulus. We'll ready the pitchforks and hot tar for those insolent basterds as well!

Display Name said...

Anony! It's not important to actually track the jobs they created. It's a matter of faith. You give them what they want, and they'll create the jobs - because they said they would! They didn't need any "demand". They didn't need any "supply." They just need the tax break, and poof, they create a job. It's that simple.