Saturday, July 23, 2011

THIS Is "Spending Reduction"?

We're back to "Boehned Again" status.

On the discretionary spending front, both sides had "identical offers," said one of the officials. There would be $1.2 trillion in cuts over the course of ten years; $1 trillion in savings that would come from the draw-down of the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq; and $250 billion in savings in Medicare over the course of 10 years. --HuffPo quoted at Ticker

I'd keep the negotiations secret, too, if I were Boehner.

Sack of shit he is.

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Saint Revolution said...

"...Sack of shit he is..."

Yes...he is.

A betrayer, a traitor, and a sack of shit.

...and...f*ck you, AnonyMouse, for whatever trite drivel no-value-add liberal horseshit BS you're going to respond with...