Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Gestalt, Gehalt, und Liturgical Grundgestalten

I couldn't resist that headline.

Anyhoo, here's the one-graf setup for the paper at this link.

The core of the discussion revolves around the idea that, according to Guardini, the“structure” (or “form, figure, shape”, in German Gestalt) and its “content” (Gehalt ) are entirely different things: the Holy Mass, in its “structure”, is a meal, but its “content” is a sacrifice. This divergence between liturgical structure and dogmatic content, according to Ratzinger, “must be regarded as the central problem of the liturgical reform. Failure to deal with it has resulted in a great many of the individual problems which have since preoccupied us --Hauke quoted at TNLM

Long article at the link. A bit dry, but historically informative. Also quite an exposition of the issue and B-16's thoughts on it (a good deal of that thought can be found in his 2-volume "Jesus of Nazareth.")

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