Wednesday, July 27, 2011

It IS the Pubbies' Fault. The DC Mind, Part 35,608

You've heard a thousand times that the Republican Party is really The Stupid Party.

For good reasons.

Boehner's commo staff should be tossed into the Basin, lead-weighted so that they never emerge again.

In the last two weeks, have you EVER heard Boehner mention "baseline budget fantasies"? Ryan? Senator RoJo? Duffy? Ribble?

No. They don't mention it. So two weeks or more has been flushed down the toilet. Instead of screaming about "baseline budget" pirouettes, shuffles, sambas, and general fraud, Boehner prattled about 'reductions' and 'no tax increases.'

As it turns out, simply freezing Gummint spending (all of it) through 2012 would reduce spending by


over a 10-year term.

DC Minds don't want you to know that. They prefer to spend un-impeded by you vile Bible-smacking, gun-toting ignorant sluts (Jane!!)

The Pubbies are stupid.

And the DC Mind still reigns.

Buy More Ammo. The time is near.


Anonymous said...

9 trillon?
Your news source?

Dad29 said...

Limbaugh. Note the source HE uses:

I was sent a note from a legislative director of a member of the House of Representatives. I'm not gonna mention the name nor am I gonna mention the state. But trust me, it is a real person and of course it's a real state and it's a real legislative director. And here's the note: "One final thought to illustrate the absurdity of our baseline, and I'll leave you alone. If Speaker Boehner --" now, listen to me very carefully, folks "-- if Speaker Boehner were to propose that we simply freeze all government spending immediately, including mandatory and discretionary, meaning including the entitlements, if we just freeze everything and spend no more this year than we spent last year, the Congressional Budget Office would score that as a nine and a half trillion-dollar cut."

That's how out of whack the baseline is: A $9.5 trillion cut. Remember the $9 trillion figure we used at the end of the program yesterday. That is the cumulative total of automatic baseline increases for the next ten years. But if there's a simple budget freeze -- and of course there's not going to be. This is just an educational exercise. Again, now, this is not what is. It is how it is scored. If the Boehner plan were a simple freeze -- we're not going to spend another dime next year beyond what we spent this year -- it would equal a nine and a $9.5 trillion cut because the baseline in our budget obviously includes $9.5 trillion of new spending, minimum, over the next ten years.

Saint Revolution said...

Meanwhile, "back at The Joker's hideout", the RedChina-Russia-MidEast alliance is "guffawing" as it conducts war games and air military maneuvers/operations in anticipation of the war against the USA that RedChina believes is inevitable within 30 years...a war RedChina has no intention of losing...and is doing one helluva job preparing to that end.

We have absolute "non-recycleable" "GARBAGE" "running" (ruining(?)) this country...worrying about "the dirty bathwater" and "aborting the baby".

Like an animal in the wild "coming for the kill", RedChina, Russia, and the Muslims do and will exploit this for conquest.

The WEAKEST LINK in this country is our broken political systems and our sorry silly completely broken politicians.

If we do not eradicate, fix, and rebuild this, we will be as carrion.

...absolutely worth the time...excellent logistical facts:

Chuck Missler - China In Bible Prophecy:

Anonymous said...

Interesting INTERPRETATIONS, based on facts and evidence, posited by Chuck Missler.

But a new "axis of evil"--China, Russia, and Middle Eastern countries--gunning for the United States, with imminent war and global annihilation lurking in the horizon?


Bless Mr. Missler's heart for his ministry, teachings, and advocacy for Christian Zionism, but after some investigation, his views appear to have several major errors in logic and analysis.

jimspice said...

Was stricken by the similarity between your signature tagline, particularly this time around, and that (since scrubbed) of the "mysterious" Norwegian guest writer for Pam Geller's Altlas shrugs in 1997.


"We are stockpiling and caching weapons, ammunition and equipment. This is going to happen fast."


"Buy More Ammo. The time is near."

Eery, huh?

jimspice said...

Sorry, forgot the link.

Dad29 said...

Yah, well.

No pals or relatives in Norway.

Mine are FAR more useful than lone-nuts.

jimspice said...

Come to think of it, I've never seen you and Breivik in the same room at the same time.