Thursday, July 21, 2011

Welcome Back, Mgr Malloy!

Mgr. D. Malloy left Washington DC and will be in Lake Geneva.

USCC lost a very good man.


Dan said...

I knew Msg (D.J) Malloy- ran cross country with him at Tosa East. very good man. Also our neighbors. Kind of surprised he is coming back to a small community church.

Dad29 said...

He's Bishop material.

You can expect a number of assignments (Diocesan-level stuff) in the near future. Maybe the Sem, maybe Tribunal, maybe priest-personnel.

Good news for us!

Kelly said...

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Dave said...

I'm thinking this is a test run for Msgr. to show what he can do at a parish. If he proves capable, then it's possible we'll get our second auxiliary.

Dad29 said...

Well, "test run" isn't quite the right verbage.

He really SHOULD have parish-level experience. So it's more like another degree requirement.