Wednesday, July 27, 2011

A Reminder and Warning

History counts. The Cambodian butchers will be tried soon.

The darkest period in Cambodia’s history was 1975-1979, when the communist Khmer Rouge, led by Pol Pot, terrorized the nation. Pol Pot and his cohorts, many of whom were educated in France and received militant training from the French Communist Party, boasted that they were influenced by Jean Paul Sartre’s doctrine of “necessary violence” and Jean Jacques Rousseau’s charge that the perfect state must “possess men and all their powers.”

On the way towards establishing the Marxist paradise, therefore, Pol Pot – whose brother-in-law said: “Pol Pot thought that he was above everyone else on the whole planet … a god on earth” – eliminated Cambodia’s property and business owners and its intellectual class. And faithful to Rousseau’s dictum that “cosmopolitanism” was the root of all evil, Pol Pot ordered the depopulation of the nation’s urban centers.

It's short; read it again. Commies, Rousseau, and Sartre, whose lines Alinsky copied.'

The folks who will be most surprised are the ones living in NYC, LA, SanFran, and Chicago.

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