Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Third Party? Why Not?


The GOP told us they had turned from their big spending ways. John Boehner went so far last year to say he appreciated outside conservative groups holding their feet to the fire.

And then today —The GOP would not fight for smaller government when it was in the majority and now it seems it intends to cave abjectly in the minority hiding behind its minority status instead of fighting.

If the GOP won’t fight in the majority and it won’t fight in the minority, what good is it? Even now, guys like Jeff Flake and Mike Pence seem to be going wobbly.

Like TARP, No Child Left Behind, Medicare Part D, Harriet Miers — these are the fights that define a conservative’s legacy in Congress. The new guys might not realize that. But ultimately, we conservatives remember.

...And we also remember the outside groups and pundits who are urging compromise and urging Boehner’s plan. Many of these same people urged on the bad plans of the past only to then claim they got duped.

We sent to Washington a group of men and women to repeal Obamacare and cut Washington spending. Now we’re confronted with the fact that they want to pass off their obligations to another deficit commission, give Barack Obama a too clever by half pass at rising the debt ceiling, and claim they did all they could. But they haven’t.

These are not easy times or easy decisions. But we sure as heck should expect more from these guys. This isn’t about being on John Boehner’s team. It’s about doing what is right. And it is not right to punt obligations and make ephemeral cuts.

Boehned again, naturally.


Paul - Berry Laker said...

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Have a GREAT week

Anonymous said...

The tea potty experiment has been a complete and utter failure. It looks like they'll have to raise the debt ceiling without any strings attached, just as they did 7 times under GW and 17 times under St. Ronnie.

But it SURE was fun while it lasted!