Thursday, July 21, 2011

Milwaukee County: No Money Problem Here!!

We all know that Milwaukee County has more money than it needs.

You didn't know that?

A measure to extend health insurance benefits to same-sex or opposite-sex domestic partners of Milwaukee County employees cleared its first hurdle Thursday, with the board's Finance and Audit Committee endorsing it on a 4-1 vote.

See? PLENTY of money!

The change would cost the county an estimated $742,000 more per year and would be claimed by about 50 people, officials say.

That's $14,000++/person in premium costs.

PLENTY of money!!

Need a laugh? Read on.

Eyon Biddle Sr. [said] "It's about human rights, it's about civil rights, it's about fairness and equality. It also should help the county in employee recruitment. "...

What MLK was martyred for: shack-up insurance.


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Saint Revolution said...

Hey, Biddle, which insurance companies and executives are kicking back how much to you to give them the business?!

How much did you get paid under the table to push this through?!

Which corrupt civil service Committee members are getting how much in insurance kickbacks from the insurance companies standing to benefit from this?!

Filthy pigs lining up at Sheol's barn door.