Saturday, July 23, 2011

The Jello Man

Straight from the AP:

First, the White House wanted a congressional vote separated from spending cuts. Now the administration likes them linked.

Obama said he would reject any short-term deal to raise the borrowing limit. Now the White House says he could make an exception.

He pledged to meet with congressional leaders every day until a deal was reached. But the daily meetings stopped or at least disappeared from his schedule.

And let's not forget the $600Bn "add-on" demand for tax hikes.

You would NOT buy a car from this bozo.


Jim said...

Last I heard it was $400B but nobody said what it was.

You forgot to mention the Republicans throwing in a demand to repeal the PPACA's individual mandate.

What you call "jello", reasonable people might call "willing to compromise." Something the Republicans are apparently unfamiliar with.

neomom said...

Continual compromise is what got us into this mess. We have compromised my great-grandchildren quite enough thank you.

Jim said...

If you don't have compromise then you either have a totalitarian state or a failed one.

Your call.

Dad29 said...

Uhmnnhhn, yah, sure.

The Totatlitarian here is Obozo. Boehner will not get all the (R) votes in Congress no matter what he does.

But Obozo, through his regulatory and EO moves, can--and does--exercise a lot of Unitary President power.

You remember that phrase, don't you?

Jim said...

"The Totatlitarian here is Obozo."