Saturday, July 23, 2011

DeMint the Warrior

AOSHQ relays DeMint's statement.

...“I will work to force another vote on Cut, Cap & Balance next week because the President and Democrats have not offered the American people any other viable solution.

“It is outrageous that every Senate Democrat voted against even allowing a debate on balancing the budget within 10 years, a plan supported by two-thirds of Americans with wide support across all party lines. Why are Senate Democrats so afraid to debate a balanced budget? Cut, Cap, Balance is the compromise plan that passed the House and can end the wasteful spending that caused this debt crisis. It gives the President the debt limit increase he has asked for in return for immediate spending cuts, enforceable spending caps, and a constitutional amendment to force Washington to stop spending more than it brings in....

It would take only FOUR (D) Senators who have some integrity (I know.....) to push CCB over the top. Herbie?

Herbie? Where ARE you, Herbie??

I'm not enthused about an Amendment to force Congress to do what it should do in the first damn place, but given that the vast majority of the bozos in Congress are craven fraudsters, serial liars, and general scumbuckets-with-pretty-hair, then let's do it.

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