Thursday, March 19, 2009

Ransom-Note Method: Schaidle's Cross

McCain 'splains the "Ransom-Note" method of Smearology.

Kathy has been victimized by the "ransom note method" of smearing: Selective quotation used by political correctoids to dehumanize conservative critics of multicultural groupthink. As with the Obama administration's attacks on Rush Limbaugh, however, when the Left targets someone who dares to fight back -- and Kathy Shaidle fights fiercely -- the result tends to be that the target becomes a hero to people with common sense.

(The reference is to Kathy Schaidle, a towering Conservative blogger from the Way North.)

In Ms. Shaidle's case, she became a target because of her outspoken support of Israel and her criticism of the Canadian government's use of "human rights" to stifle free speech.

...What's interesting to me is that I also know conservatives who have been smeared as anti-Semites (or "unpatriotic conservatives") because of their criticism of U.S.-Israel policy.

Think, for example, of PJBuchanan or Joe Sobran...

Here, however, McCain errs (only the second one I know of...):

The wise and informed observer recognizes in these opportunistic smears the Left's fundamental dishonesty of discourse. The Left supports Hamas and Hezbollah and Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, and anyone who criticizes this blood-drenched tacit alliance will be viciously smeared as a Muslim-hating bigot. But if the Left spots a conservative who happens to be critical of the U.S.-Israel alliance, then the target is smeared as a Jew-hating bigot.

If one questions US policy towards Israel in the US, the principal name-callers are NeoCons, not Liberals. Think, again, of PJBuchanan and Joe Sobran.

On the other hand, his conclusion is well-stated.

There is no safety in silence. Fuck those lying left-wing [and NeoCon] crapweasels. I'm with Kathy!

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