Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Jobs NOW Task Force--Miscellaneous Stuff

A few notes not previously mentioned from the Jobs NOW Task Force meeting.

Doyle's "prevailing wage" requirement are predicted to increase project costs by anywhere from 8% to 14%. --a commercial real-estate guy.

(That would make Ald. Murphy's opposition to the requirement in the City of Milwaukee extremely sensible.)

Sheboygan is trying very hard to retain Thomas Industries--but Louisiana is offering to build them a brand new plant. --a Sheboygan area manufacturing manager

(By coincidence, Belling was discussing this situation. Seems like the Int'l Brotherhood of Electrical Workers is not cooperating at all with the Sheboygan efforts.)

Milwakee area home sales are down by 35% from last year; inventory now down to only 9.5 months. --a prominent local Realtor.

The 'wage-lien' law will make it very difficult for small businesses to obtain financing; it places Bank liens second to unpaid wages up to $10,700/worker --a Bank president.

(I did not see that "$10,700." number during the discussion of the law. Yes, there is a justice issue--but $10+K is at least 10 weeks' pay for the average skilled worker. Does the Legislature really think that the average skilled worker will hang around for NO PAY for 10 weeks?)

The "joint/several" liability change was mentioned at least 4 times--negatively.

More efficient delivery of healthcare can significantly reduce healthcare costs--a prominent commercial insurance broker.

(That is a very interesting remark. He cited ThedaCare in the Fox Valley as an example. We'd like to hear more about that.)

The State of Wisconsin should provide grants to research firms, but only to solve actual problems. --a problem-solving research & development guy.

(His model is a FedGov program. Think DARPA, except the research is contracted out.)

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