Thursday, March 26, 2009

By 2014, You Will Owe $39,217.00

"You Have Run Out of Our Money!!"

Paul Ryan's page (here) has a report on the Obamunist budget (here) which totes up the public debt of the Federal Government under the Obamunist proposal.

Assuming the President's budget numbers (slightly different from the House budget numbers and the CBO numbers), and assuming that the population of the US will be 322 million in 2014, each and every person in the country at that time will be obligated to pay....

Thirty-nine thousand, two hundred seventeen dollars in Federal debt.

Compared to what?

The 2009 Public Debt/person (306 million) is:

Twenty six thousand, one hundred dollars each.

That's a fifty percent increase in debt for every single man, woman, and child living in the USA in only 5 years.

"You Have Run Out of Our Money!!"

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