Thursday, March 26, 2009

Means/Ends: It's Nationalize the Banks

Morris kinda thinks that 'Obamunism' IS a word.

...According to [Dick] Morris [ex-Clintonista], those who are criticizing Obama for his spending, including Daniel Hannan, who represents South East England for the Conservative Party, made famous by a YouTube video eviscerating Keynesian politics, are missing the point. Obama wants to worsen the economic conditions to expand the powers of government according to Morris.

"We are confusing in analyzing the bank bailout and in what Hannan, the other guest you had on - the British Parliamentarian, had on, was also confusing - means with ends," Morris said. "He said, for example that more spending won't solve the recession. Obama doesn't want it to. He wants the recession to permit him to do more spending, and in terms of this bank package, he knows that the public-private partnership isn't going to work. He's doing his best to kill it by all these comments."

...To put it simply, Morris told "Your World," Obama wants to socialize the economy, and bank nationalization will make that possible

Your friendly local (Statist) banker. What a concept!

HT: NewsBusters

Seconded by Vox here...

There's no chance it will work. I'm not even sure it's intended to, as it could merely be intended to pave the way for eventual nationalization

There will be different 'loan application' forms, for sure....

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