Friday, March 20, 2009

Got a Junker? Here's Your Chance!

In the latest dumbass-Congresscritter (redundant, yes) trick...

A “Cash for Clunkers” bill introduced yesterday by Representative Betty Sutton of Ohio, calls for the federal government to offer cash incentives to Americans to trade in their old cars.

Officially known as the “CARS Act” (Consumer Assistance to Recycle and Save), the bill would provide motorists trading in any vehicle over 8 years old with a voucher that would be good towards the purchase of a new car: $5000 for vehicles assembled in North America, and $4000 for those assembled elsewhere.

The old cars would then be scrapped.

But I ran this item JUST so I could quote Moron's great line: probably didn’t know that the most efficient way to achieve national prosperity was to have the government spend money it doesn’t have to pay us to get rid of stuff we already own so that we can go into debt to buy stuff we don’t need.

But then, that’s why we’re not members of the House of Representatives.

Yup. Worth reading every day.

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Anonymous said...

Cool. Now I may be able to participate in this stimulus package.