Friday, March 27, 2009

"Green" Energy Jobs? Nope.

...or more accurately, there will be 'green' energy jobs.

But they will kill off more OTHER jobs than are created.

...Based upon the Spanish experience that President Oprompter expressly cited as a model, if he succeeded in his (oddly floating) promise to further intervene in the economy to create 3 million (or is it 5 million?) "green jobs," the U.S. should expect to directly kill by the same programs at least 6.6 million (or as many as 11 million) jobs elsewhere in the economy.

- That is because green jobs schemes in Spain killed 2.2 jobs per job created, or about 9 existing jobs - I'll call them "real" jobs - lost for every 4 that are created. The latter, the study shows, then become wards of the state, dependent on the continuation of the mandates and subsidies, subject to the ritual boom and bust of artifically concocted jobs (read: ethanol).

- This does not include jobs lost due to redirection of resources, but are only the jobs directly killed by the scheme

Another way in which OprompTer lies. There's never a mention of "net GAINED jobs" in the line of BS--only mention of "created" or "saved" jobs.

Create 5, lose 10--all you'll see is a longer unemployment line and BS press releases.

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Anonymous said...

Actually the prices on green energy are coming down.

Dad29 said... have documentation for that?

Why don't you document it from the beginning, while you're at it?

You know--take out the massive taxpayer subsidies and THEN calculate the cost...