Monday, March 30, 2009

Abp Dolan: If FOCA, Close Down RC Hospitals!

Sykes asked the right question.

'If FOCA passes and is signed, forcing all health practitioners to perform abortions, will the Catholic hospitals close?'

Abp. Dolan, hitting a grand slam:

'If that happens, the Bishops will say "Close 'em down."'

You can bet that some NYC newspaper will be picking up this story.

The Archbishop also mentioned that RC hospitals do about 20% of the hospital business done in this country.


Amy said...

Closing them down is what the government wants. Then they can cite even more pressing need for universal health care, unfettered by all that annoying morality that says killing the unborn, elderly, and infirm is wrong.

I would prefer rebellion. Keep them open. Refuse to contradict Catholic teaching.

Shoebox said...

Amy has this right. This is exactly what The Won wants. It's no different than keeping the banking industry in flux so that they don't know what rules to follow thereby not knowing whether/how to lend...all plays to his desire to maintain chaos and claiming that only "the government" can solve the problem.

GOR said...

I agree with Amy on the rebellion. Catholics cannot be forced to perform immoral acts by any law. This is one case where the USCCB could perform a useful function (for once...).

Tell Obama and Co. that, if passed, FOCA will not be obeyed by ANY Catholic hospital anywhere in the US. Then take the first lawsuit that is filed all the way to the Supreme Court.

badger said...

No, the government does not want a third of the country's healthcare infrastructure shut down. This is one of those times where it would be helpful to read the writings of people outside your partisan alliance.

Amy said...

No, the government does not want a third of the country's healthcare infrastructure shut down.

Really? Because 95% of Obama's policies seem to be rooted in the principle that if things get screwed up bad enough, he can say, "See, the government is the only solution!"

The government as currently run, by a bunch of anti-life pro-aborts, doesn't give a crap about Catholic hospitals or what we contribute to the healthcare infrastructure. Obama's making it clear that pro-life medical personnel might soon have to choose between violating their conscience and their livelihoods. If they cared about Catholic hospitals, they wouldn't be hellbent on ramming FOCA (or some mutation thereof) on them.

Obama's taking over GM, the banks, and wants more. You think he's going to suddenly stop at the doors of a hospital? Only if you're naive.

Shoebox said...

Badger, You are the one who should be reading outside of your alliance. For The Won, it is all about control. The best way to insert yourself, if you are the government, is to create a crisis and chaos. Heck, you don't even need to read the other side, just take a look at current events and see how The Won's solution to EVERY issue is MORE GOVERNMENT control.

Dad29 said...

Umnnnhhhh, Badger...

Your case would have a lot more credibility if O's Gummint would demonstrate some consistency other than "Bigger Gummint, Every Day, All Day."

I would be VERY happy to believe you, by the way. But looking at the solutions proposed by the Administration to date (and the emerging GM mess), I'm not quite as optimistic as you are.

Badger said...

Let me put into simply. Implementing a national health care system will cost $x. Getting those dollars will be difficult. Adding a capitalization equal to a third of the present infrastructure would bring the cost to x + y dollars. Y is most likely greater than X. Ergo, those interested in national health care are not interested in figuring out ways of making the initial price tag less difficult to swallow. Capeesh? And this is ignoring the politics of not needlessly angering people that would be allies. Amy I won't speak for, but, Dad29, you should know this.

Dad29 said...

No kidding: it will be expensive!!

He had no trouble introducing a budget which adds $9Trillion to the national debt in 5 years.

He had no trouble signing Porkulus, the effects of which are 80%++ in the two-to-five year period.

He had no trouble signing a budget law which contained several billion in pork.

Geithner is now asking for at least another $700Bn "bailout" for the banks, alone!!

Tell me again about 'difficult to swallow' price tags.

And you DO recall that contrary to 'responsible' media reports, FOCA will be introduced by Nadler?

Amy said...

And this is ignoring the politics of not needlessly angering people that would be allies.

WHO exactly are these allies? Obama and the rest of the hardcore left Dems have made it clear they DO NOT want to be allies with conservatives or pro-lifers. We must have cooties or something (read: "cooties" = firm moral grounding).

As Dad29 said, Obama's got no problem spending and spending and spending. As for getting the money, what's it to tax people a little bit more?

Obama's attitude in everything is "I won, ergo I get to do whatever I want."

He won't care what damage he does; damage is his goal.