Friday, March 27, 2009

The Fallacy of "Taxism" v. Paul Ryan

The Republican Establishment, in the last 20+ years, has fallen into two major traps.

The first is "economism," whereby all is measured according to its monetary worth--resulting in the commodifying of labor and glamorization of Conspicuous Consumption.

The second, a subset, is "taxification," whereby 'good' and 'evil' Gummint policy is measured by whether taxes go up or down.

The Republican Establishment is a bunch of fools.

The first trap is separating Republicans from Flyover Country's 'Reagan Republicans' at an alarming rate.* "Economism" results in illegal aliens (convenient and cheap labor), the exporting of middle-class jobs, and the resulting breakdown of the social contract between business and its employees, not to mention between citizens and the Government owned by K Street/Big Business lobbyists.

The second is a subset of the first and has the same effect (to a lesser degree,) but also has the problem of opening the Party to calls of "hypocrisy." George Bush and Congressional Pubbies spent money like crazy and reduced taxes. This resulted in deficits (!!) But aren't Republicans supposed to be 'fiscally responsible'?

Friggin' geniuses. /sarcasm

Rather than having discussions like this one (e.g.), the Republican Party should be having discussions like the ones Paul Ryan would like to have:


*If you don't believe that, look at the popular vote tabs since Ron Reagan. See the trend-line?


Shoebox said...

Agreed. Ryan's, while still needing some work, beats the hell out of what the R leadership released yesterday!

John Foust said...

Surely there are more -ism traps they've fallen into. How about religion-ism and war-ism?

Unknown said...

so what is the real republicanism, dad?

Dad29 said...

Uhhhhmmmnnn...existentially, the 'real' Republicanism is the Stupid Party brand you see.

I'm a Conservative--and would like to see the (R)s act like that.

But I don't call the shots.