Thursday, March 26, 2009

Legislative Inanities in Wisconsin: Microstamping

It's not just Three Card Monte Doyle, whose objectives include bankrupting Wisconsin and pushing out industry and commerce along the way.

Our Leggies continue to provide stupidities, too!!

Rep. Leon Young, and Sen. Spencer Coggs, Milwaukee Democrats, want “microstamping” or the process of engraving a firearm’s make, model, and serial number on the tip of the firing pin, so that the info is transferred to the cartridge when the gun is fired.

The concept is to aid law enforcement in reducing crime by tracking spent rounds left at the crime scene.

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Sorta like Dear Leader's Budget (and Porkulus), the only appropriate response is "It will NOT work!!"

Forget about the cost, estimated at $200.00/handgun. Just use elementary thinking skills (a sure way to confound Leggies.)

1) In order for "microstamping" to work, the firing pin must retain all the 'microstamping' characteristics for the life of the weapon. While that MAY be possible, it is also relatively easy to either: a) swap out for a new firing pin, or b) carefully apply a nail-file to the existing pin.

2) In order for the cops to find casings, the casings have to be left at the scene. That may happen with your common gangbanger slobs--but not with halfway professional crooks, who will police the scene--or even better, use a REVOLVER, which retains the casings internally.

3) There are a whole LOT of weapons already in circulation without 'microstamps.' Generally, a well-maintained handgun or rifle will last a long, long, time (100++ years in a lot of instances.) S'pose that your basic crook can't find any OLD weapons (made before 2010?)



Disgruntled Car Salesman said...

Common sense isn't typical of a Milwaukee democrat.

Look at the majority of the electorate that vote for them.

Anonymous said...

It's about forensic intelligence. From a counter insurgency perspective, our law enforcemnt has a critical problem; they are setup to handle a criminal problem designed to counter simple law breakers. Instead of looking to infiltrate the trafficking organization, the BATFE always tries to attack the firearm dealer. Microstamping intel can give law enforcement the upper hand by providing timely data to target traffickers allowing local law enforcement to setup sting operations to recon or infiltrate the crime organizations. Traffciking is a pattern crime, get enough data the pattern forms - the pattern then can be exploited to ID known associates. That is how the traffcking operation can be neutralized. Microstamping is a law enforcement tool, nothing else. Here are some facts.

1. Data (ATF trace) shows that ~75% of straw purchased firearms are for known associates - e.g. the straw purchaser is in the business and has connections to sell or is buying as a broker. The key attribute of the microstamping technology is to ID the firearm without recovery of the firearm, the first time it is used to commit a crime.

2. Data (ATF trace) shows <10% attempt to deface the firearm in some way. Predominantly targeting the large serial numbers that are visible. It should be noted, micro serial numbers under the hand grips have yet to be tampered with. Furthermore, the microstamped serial numbers embedded into the molded resin recievers have yet to be tampered with as well.

3. Microstmapng targets the 1% of poeple who jeopardize 2nd amendment rights.

4. Microstamping when in place, negates the need for national registration or even state registration.

5. Microstamping negates the need for any type of firearms bans.

6. Microstamping also be default de-centralizes the BATFE's role in trace, since the codes used for microstamping reside at the manufacturer, not at the state or federal level. Let the BATFE handle the old guns and allow the industry to work with state law enforcement and DHS to target traffcikers and narco-terrorists - instead of harassing firearm dealers.

7. The cost is not $200.00. its less than $10.00 and lower based on volume.

8. Ammo microstamping is not the same as firearm microstamping - ammo microstamping/ammo serialization is a very bad idea - however firearm microstamping negates the need for ammo serialization.

9. Microstamping on firearms uses a code linked to teh serial number, not the actual serial number - once again layers of protection are in place to limit the ability of the BATFE to go kicking down doors. This allows state and local law enforcement to go direct to the manufacturers

We need to rethink the strategy of protecting 2nd amendment rights. We have been fighting a defensive strategy and have failed to take aciton to drive the discussion.

Think about what the NSSF did a few years back - they endorsed the E-4473 form in a joint PR with the BATFE. Anyone notice how rare paper 4473 copies are becoming?

The NSSf also stated that the form is not linked to a national database. Does anyone understand how easy that next step will be once the BATFE gets all the stores using an E-form. The NSSF is facilitating the BATFE. It endorsed the next part of teh national database, basically doing the work for the BATFE.

The slippery slope is being greased by these lawyers at the NRA and NSSF. Layers are goo at arguing and when they win, they sit back and think they accomplished something - arguing got us the 1934 Firearm Act (NRA endorsed), the 1968 firearm act supported by the NRA, which gave the BATFE the right to create the FFL system - that was helpful. Before 1968, the BATFE could only interfere with interstate commerce. Now the BATFE can interfere with commerce within a state. When everyone who wants to be involved in the building of firearms now has to register in anational database withe the BATFE to get their FFL.

What is microstamping? And why does the BATFE want to stop it. Why is it that the NSSF is working with teh US Justice Department to fortify the BATFE position? make's you think.

The 1968 act came about after Kennedy and MLK were killed. The drug cartels violence began 30 years ago - remember hearing about the violence back then? it use to be in Columbia, then Panama, then Nicaragua, now Mexico - next the US. All it will take is a major incident to get people to ban certain firearms. We got Obama the same way. Just my take on the situation.

Microstamping offers an opportunity to take the bull by the horns and put the anti-gunners in a position to defend their ideas, instead of us always defending ours.

Dad29 said...

~75% of straw purchased firearms are for known associates - e.g. the straw purchaser is in the business and has connections to sell or is buying as a broker

Are you telling me that "nobody knows" who the strawman buyers are, EVER? If, as you say, trafficking is a pattern crime, then it can't be too difficult to find the pattern without microstamping.

Besides which, that does not contemplate stolen weapons, does it?

Next: you will NEVER 'eliminate' peole who jeopardize 2A rights. Period.

You also assume that narco-gangs are purchasing weapons where the USA has some control. Not likely at all. The stuff they're using these days is MilSpec--not OTC 1911's.

Further, you assume (again) that the shells will remain on-scene. Maybe. Maybe not. Has nothing to do with ammo micro-stamp.

The problem is that LEO intel is seriously deficient. That's because the locals in most communities have no idea who's here and who's not.