Saturday, March 28, 2009

Doyle Spins, Obey Shrugs

The spin job here is fantastic.

A day after the November elections, Gov. Jim Doyle laid out a grim scenario for U.S. Rep. Dave Obey: Without federal aid, he would be forced to impose across-the-board sales and income tax increases.

That's because Doyle doesn't have the imagination or desire to actually cut or re-direct State spending. And THAT is because Three Card Monte Doyle, like Obey and Obama, are Statists (or, if you like, Corporate Fascists) at heart.

This spending spree has everything to do with Leviathan on Steroids, and nothing to do with fiscal responsibility.

Side note: Doyle obviously tried to position himself as the Leader of the Pack in the story, and wanted Obey to commend him--particularly about the ChooChooDream.

Too bad the JS reporter actually called Obey--who said that Doyle did not have any particularly useful input on any part of Porkulus.

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