Saturday, March 28, 2009

Shirley's Assault on the Rule of Law

Scrreechin'Shirley Abrahamson--who comes across as a very nice great-granny on her TV ads-- is perfectly comfy with shredding the rule of law in her decisions. (See, e.g., Diane Sykes, Rick Esenberg, or Christian Schneider)

And then she BRAGS about it--as does her sycophant 'Greater Wisconsin Committee' crowd of Hard-Leftist supporters.

Mention of G.W.C. leads us to this perceptive observation on common lefty smear tactics from the Winning McCain.*

One of the tricks of effective propaganda is to connect a new accusation to what "everybody knows" -- that is, to present new information in a way that reinforces the pre-existing beliefs of Conventional Wisdom. Liberals have labored mightily for decades to convince Americans that Republicans are evil racist sexist bigoted homophobes, and so when a conservative says something that can be construed as reinforcing that perception, the smear-mongers say, "A-ha! See? We told you so!" The issue then becomes not so much the specific facts of the latest accusation, but rather the larger question of bad faith (mala fides).

G.W.C.'s smear-ad is an excellent example of the above. It simply follows the Conventional Wisdom that "Liberals=Good, Conservatives=Bad," hoping that voters don't get the big picture--that the Constitution is written to facilitate the rule of law. In the ad, Koschnick is pictured as an agent of Wall Street (bad), Big Business (bad), get the picture. Screechin'Shirley, however, is your great-great-grandmama Fairy Godmother. (Really old, but good, right!!)

But SCOWI is not in the business of 'keeping you from foreclosure.' It IS in the business of 'determining whether the foreclosure meets Constitutional standards in Wisconsin.'

Ironically, derogation of the rule of law derogates from the status and importance of judges--not to mention any other civil authorities.

Is that what Abrahamson really wants?

*There's plenty more at the McCain post, including a Clint Eastwood short.


Anonymous said...

Did the conservative justices scrap the rule of law when they overturned the violence against women act or the DC Gun ban?

Just stop pretending only liberal judges do it and then maybe everyone can move on to a more productive dialog.

Dad29 said...

You DO understand the term "Constitutional," do you not?

Or do you need Civics 101 all over again?

Anonymous said...

Let's put another dumb shit Hamline law school graduate on the Supreme Court! The man wasn't smart enough to get into the 4th-tier law school in Minnesota (Billy Mitchell), or even the 3rd tier law school in Wisconsin (Marquette).

I'll take Granny-With-A-Brain over the little man from Jefferson any day of the week!