Saturday, March 21, 2009

"Food Shortage" Is Cap-and-Trade Tactic; Starving the Economy is the Strategy

The Obamunists in the Senate are preparing to strangle your energy use and any recovery from the recession, and will be using Scare Tactics to do it. If they get their way, the poor will be clobbered, and the middle class will be severely hurt. The Ruling Class, however, will continue on their merry way.

Democratic Sens. John Kerry and Barbara Boxer told that the nation must adopt the Obama administration’s cap-and-trade proposal to reduce carbon emissions, even if it results in massive increases in gasoline and electricity prices.

When asked the Massachusetts Democrat whether the country could afford cap-and-trade during the recession, Kerry responded, “Yes, yes, yes, and yes.” He added: “The cap and trade system is – in fact – going to help us kick our economy back into gear

"Kick the economy", yes. "Back into gear"?

Well, maybe into Reverse.

“There could be some (price) increases,” Kerry admitted, adding that the “costs of doing nothing could be greater,” including a decline in the food supply. “But there’ll be higher rises if we don’t do it and start to curb these emissions because you’re going to pay more for the adaptations, the loss of food, all the other problems that come along with it.”

There's the tactic. The Obamunists will claim that "global warming" will lead to food shortages; therefore it is imperative to curtail energy use.

The term "chutzpah" doesn't even come close to describing this assertion.

As we all know, 'global warming' stopped in its tracks ten years ago, and it is possible that a counter-cycle of cooling will begin (or may have already begun--see sunspot activity.)

Further, it is also a fact that slightly warmer temperatures are GOOD for agricultural production in temperate climate zones (such as the world's breadbasket, the Upper Midwest.)

Finally, it is a fact that burning corn as "fuel" is prima facie destructive of the food supply.

"Nevermind," said John F'n Kerry, Senator of the United States. "We will subjugate you!!".

How subjugated will you be?

...a 2008 Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) analysis of the cap-and-trade bill introduced last year by Sens. John Warner (R-Va.) and Joe Lieberman (I-Conn.) showed that by 2030 electricity prices will be 44 percent higher than normal and an extra $0.53 will be added to the price of gas as a result of cap-and-trade – with $1.40 added by 2050.

The same report also showed that cap-and-trade will cause the nation’s gross domestic product to decline by as much as 3.8 percent by 2030 (and by 6.9 percent by 2050) than it would be without cap-and-trade.

And those were optimistic projections, folks.

Those figures assumed a 150-percent increase in nuclear power and a marketable system for carbon sequestration--which does not currently exist. Without these two developments, electricity prices were estimated to rise approximately 80 percent above normal by 2030

You didn't see anyone out there building a new nuke yesterday, did you? And there is no 'carbon sequestration' system in sight.

Frankly, the Obamunists don't give a damn.

Obama administration officials have been quite clear that higher energy prices are precisely the point of a cap and trade system. Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner told the Senate Finance Committee on March 4 that higher energy prices were necessary to control how people use energy

Naturally, this is a regressive tax. Those with significant disposable incomes will not be forced to choose between heating their homes and purchasing food. But those who are at the lower end of the income scale--

Oh, well. Too bad.

Maybe there will be some leftover cake from White House parties.


Disgruntled Car Salesman said...

Sounds like it might be time to buy more ammo...

HeatherRadish said...

But those who are at the lower end of the income scale--

Will no doubt be able to receive some form of government "food assistance", which I suspect is one of the desired results of the legislation. The price increases will be blamed on "evil energy corporations", Barry O and the Dems will respond to people in need with new handouts, and the grateful well-fed recipients will keep them in D.C. forever.

The only people who are going to starve to death in the dark are the folks who don't want the government to be their daddy.

Amy said...

The only people who are going to starve to death in the dark are the folks who don't want the government to be their daddy.

Yeah, well the Weather Underground talked about systematically offing 25 million "ardent capitalists" - open holocaust would be too risky; starving them to death via exorbitant energy costs is much more effective.

Anonymous said...

Kerry married into money...never knew a damn thing about making a buck making statements and policy effecting our national economy.......we're all f#@ked.