Thursday, March 19, 2009

Pocan: Another Amateur Spinner

This twerp is co-chair of Joint Finance!

Rep. Mark Pocan (D-Madison), cochairman of the Legislature's Joint Finance Committee, defended Gov. Jim Doyle's proposed 2009-'11 budget today in the wake of a new report that says it includes $1.7 billion in tax and fee increases.

In a statement, Pocan said the Democratic governor's spending plan "does not include an increase in the sales tax rate" of 5%.

"It does not include an across-the-board income tax increase for the average family," Pocan added. "Nor does it include a directed property tax increase. Given the state’s $5.7 billion deficit, that alone is a significant accomplishment for working families in Wisconsin.

Right-o, SmileyFace.

The "profit" tax on gasoline refiners will be paid by Wisconsin residents (if it passes Constitutional muster) and is a regressive tax on low-income people.

The cigarette tax is another regressive tax.

The corporate tax increase will be paid either by: 1) people who purchase goods from affected Companies or 2) people who work for those firms who will NOT get wage/salary increases as a result.

And the increased debt floated by the State will tax the bejabbers out of our children, and THEIR children, if they are stupid enough to stay here.

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