Tuesday, June 24, 2008

What Was Churchill Thinking?


Recent scholarship by German historian Gerd Überschär and the British writer Brian Martin suggest that Churchill had a hand not only in blackening the German resistance, which he did in a speech before Parliament on August 2, 1944, but also in contributing to the deaths of resistance leaders.

The success of an anti-Nazi coup would have damaged Churchill’s war aims, which included, beside the utter devastation of a defeated Germany, cashing in on the good will of Soviet Russia. Churchill went so far in his efforts to keep anti-Nazi German patriots, including moderate leftist like Julius Leber, from prevailing against Hitler that he leaked information about their identities and whereabouts to the Gestapo, with the help of the BBC and the Chief of Political Warfare John W. Wheeler-Bennett.

Apparently, Lord Winnie was trying to make up for his moronic command decisions in Turkey during WWI, or something.

Fits right in with his firebombing of Dresden, though.


Anonymous said...

What'd you expect from a chap who drank brandy for breakfast and plowed through a fifth of Scotch before supper?

Anonymous said...

Our Winnie wanted to destroy Germany. He was not so interested in the dark side of Nazism on Hitler. An anti-Nazi coup would have meant that he and FDR would have needed to acknowledge the new government and consequently abstain from the mutilation and utter devastation of Germany what the Allied wished.

That is quite appalling. What is left from the Allied "moral superiority" after this? Nothing I guess. Winston's reluctance to collaborate with the resistance probably costed millions of lives including those Jews and other oppressed people in concentration camps. The anti-Nazi coup would also have saved innumerable lives of Allied and German soldiers.