Monday, June 23, 2008

Obama's New Political Director: Type-Casting

HT: RedState

Obama's new political director Patrick Gaspard, while national field director for the group America Coming Together, used felons for GOTV canvassing functions in the 2004 national election. His organization also ended up having to pay three quarters of a million dollars in fines - excuse me: "civil penalties" - to get the FEC off of their back for election finance rules violations. And, very amusingly, up until he got hired he was a registered and current lobbyist for 1199 SEIU United Healthcare Workers East


Senator Barack Obama is consciously and deliberately portraying himself as the outsider, the reformer, the fellow with the message of Hope and Change that We've been Waiting For: take your pick. This is, of course, a lie: he's actually a politico from the Illinois Combine who hires NYC machine street monsters with flexible ethics to run his ground game. Here's the thing: he's allowed to do that. He's allowed to lie to his supporters. He's allowed to be a hypocrite.


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GOR said...

See David Brooks' column in today's Journal/Sentinel. He nailed it.