Thursday, June 26, 2008

Live Worse, Rabble!

Owen caught this.

With three of 29 members voting no, the task force adopted a compromise that calls for the state to bring down emissions linked to global warming by 22% by 2022

Two of the three "no" votes came from small businesses (doing less than $500 million/year in sales.) The other "no" was from GM.

The "yes" votes came from Green-Profiteer Johnson Controls, SCJohnson (owned by eco-freaks) and the utilities--which don't give a rip how much YOU pay for electricity, despite the BS uttered by the spokescritter.

Drive less, eat uncooked food, turn the heat down to 45 degrees night/55 degrees day, and fuggedabout air conditioning.

That's the program from the Big Green, folks.

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